Easy Steps to Live Stream Your Event



Do you really need another way to reach your supporters? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes. The modern world is far too interconnected for you to limit your influence to only the people you know, so live steaming your event is an effective way to reach a broader network instead.

Whether you are looking to expand your outreach or simply want to reach supporters remotely, learning how to live stream your events is easier than you think.

Why You Need to Live Stream Your Events

Put simply, live streaming is the key to moving your message from a single room to an unlimited number of people’s homes, making it an effective strategy for how to expand your influence. Just like a phone call, anyone connected to your live stream will hear everything you say in real time, ensuring that you can be relevant and keep their attention in ways that pre-recorded videos can’t match.

There are three main benefits to live streaming:

  1. Create a global message. Don’t limit your outreach to the people at the event! Live streaming your event makes your message reachable for anyone with an internet connection.
  2. Connect with those who can't come in person. There are a number of reasons why a supporter or potential donor can't attend your event in person but live streaming the event will allow them the opportunity to hear your message, and they may decide to attend in person the next time.
  3. Keep in contact with your members and volunteers. Do you want to speak with your team of volunteers more informally? Live streaming a conversation is a great way to get a message out to everyone at once, and you can save the recording so that your staff can listen to it again later.


Live Streaminig Best Practices

Live streaming your event is less complicated than you think. By following these four tips, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.


  1. Choose the right event. The technique of live streaming your event will vary depending on what streaming service you use. Below are three reliable options to consider.
  • YouTube:great for reaching a large audience and easy to embed in your website and mobile apps.
  • Meerkat: lets you create a live stream straight from a mobile device, but the videos can’t be saved.
  • Google Hangout:allows you to broadcast a HD live stream on a variety of networks, and the stream is automatically saved to YouTube after.
  1. Use the highest quality camera you can. Whether you are live streaming a council meeting or a formal fundraising event, the higher quality camera you use will make a significant difference in the end product. Try to avoid using a mobile phone in favor of an HD camera, and your viewers will be more likely to stick with you till the end
  1. Have a good internet connection:There’s no point in producing a stellar live stream if your internet connection is too poor for anyone to see it. Make sure you have the broadband at your venue to ensure your message is successfully streamed.
  1. Production quality matters. Before beginning your live stream, check the setting for good sound and lighting conditions. Experiment with positioning until everything looks good on camera, and you will present a more professional image to your viewers.


Getting Started with Live Streaming Your Events

Your impact is not limited.

The world is getting more interconnected all the time, but work commitments, poor health, and even international mission work can keep your supporters from coming to your event. There are also thousands of people who are searching for programs like yours and you now have a tool that you can effectively use to connect with them. Today’s technology has made live streaming your events easier than ever, and anyone with an internet connection can now listen in real time. All that’s left is for you to do it.


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