Is Digital Marketing Right For Your Organization?


There's no question that you are busy. Growing, running and maintaining a thriving organization takes consistent work, but many leaders are neglecting a critical angle for their efforts- the Digital Realm!

It's A Busy World Out There!

In a world where smartphones are almost a given, you should endeavor to engage your supporters through mobile apps and online resources.

According to Pew research,, "Americans today are increasingly connected to the world of digital information while 'on the go' via smartphones and other mobile devices".

Today's world is so busy that a portion of your active supporters can only stay connected digitally.

Without providing simple, easy access to these kinds of options, your staff and volunteers may feel disconnected, and people searching online might never find you or hear your organization's message.

Keep reading to find out how to connect people to your organization.

There Are Solutions Available

Part of the answer to managing a nonprofit organization in the 21st century comes down to finding ways to make technology better work for you and your audience. Keeping your community engaged will make them feel more committed and connected.

How to Create a Digital Organization

To best meet the needs of your growing demographic of online supporters as well as seekers, you need to find ways to improve what's already being provided by your organization.

Strategizing is key to meeting the needs of your online donors, volunteers, and followers.

Below are three popular strategies for broadcasting your message online that can help expand your reach and influence.

Livestream Your Messages and Presentations

In recent years, live streaming has become incredibly popular. In essence, live streaming is a way for your organization to create real time engagement with your supporters.

Some live streaming services can also be recorded with a resulting saved video after the event, while others are only available at the time of the event.

Use Livestreaming To Create A Global Message

By using live streaming your messages or presentations, you create a global message that reaches a far larger crowd .

You also provide an option for people who are too sick, too busy, or too far away to be physically present in your community.

Another great thing about live streaming is that you can keep in touch with your donors and other supporters by sending out informal messages or announcements on a variety of topics.

It doesn't take much to start live streaming, but to have greater success with this technology, it's best to invest in quality equipment to ensure that your broadcast looks professional.

Invest in Better Web Design 

It's a given that your organization needs a website, but are you doing what it takes to make yours stand out? A website is often the only exposure a potential donor has to your organization.

Your site should address and answer their questions and make them want to find out more about the organization. You want to capture their interest.

It's Time To Put Out The Welcome Mat!

For a better retention rate, it's essential to think of your website as the welcome mat for your organization as a whole. Make it simple, beautiful, and inviting, and visitors will "walk through the front door" to check out what is inside.

Content. Content. Content.

Make sure your site is filled with content that is valuable to your visitors. Posting photos from previous events, archives of old presentations and messages and easy access to your organization's social media pages, help browsers better find what they are looking for and learn to trust you.

Develop Your Mobile App Options

Almost all phone time is spent directly on apps, so not having an app available for your organization limits your exposure to your community.

Developing a unique app can be done by engaging the help of web experts. Apps are invaluable platforms for updating supporters on events, sharing social media content and hosting live streams.

Having a high-quality app ensures your supporters are always connected with you.

Keep Your Supporters Connected: Digitally

Maintaining your organization's digital existence is essential for growth. As the leader, you can attempt to do this on your own, utilize the services of a volunteer, hire someone on staff, or contract with a reputable digital marketing company like GetPowr.

Improving your organization's digital presence is an investment that will pay off. People need to hear your message. Wherever they are!

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